Cooking Classes

Taking place in the Leon Bistro demonstration dining area off the main dining rooms, cooking classes are scheduled twice monthly on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 until 9:30 PM. Classes are $85, plus $15 extra for a generous beer or wine pour. Reservations are required and can be made via phone.  


We invite customers to host private cooking classes at our restaurant or in your own home.  These classes have become popular among groups sharing an interest in a particular topic (as, for example, wild game or all-vegan) or as way a family, organization or business can offer its guests an evening of fine food and an entertaining informative discussion. Our preference is to do cooking classes on Tuesday evenings when the restaurant is closed.

Cooking Class topics range from international cuisines to special topics such as Exotic Mushrooms, Summer Harvest, Seafood, etc.  Classes are small (maximum of 20 people) and informal. Chef Ann Leon leads a discussion of the topic, ingredients and technique, then demonstrates how to prepare each of the dishes and serves them to the guests. Guests leave with a list of recipes to follow in preparing dishes at home.


Leon Bistro is closing to start a new Chico chapter, effective September 29. We will not be hosting additional cooking classes. It has been our honor to serve you. Learn more on our home page.